Monday, May 16, 2011


This is my epic chair project. Yes, epic.
Before. Umm, yeah. I'm not in love with that weird stain color.
Remember, these came in a set of 5 for $1 each. So awesome! Here are all of them together. Although, don't you think #6 is out there somewhere all alone and ugly? I wish I had it, being a lover of even numbers, but five will do.These, as most of my projects are, were a learning experience. I should have done things differently the first time, or the second, instead of having to redo them over and over. I can't even count how many different times I "went out to work on the chairs". But now I know for the next time I try to sand, prime, spray paint, stain, and polyurethane five chairs. Let's just say each step could have been done better. But now I know.

Oh, and the numbers? I originally cut out a stencil with an exact-o knife and painted them on, but they kind of bled. So I painted over them and cut out some vinyl numbers on my friend's Cricut (some day I'll have one). People keep asking why I wanted to put numbers on my chairs. Why not? I think it gives them just the right amount of quirkiness while still looking nice (as in, Jared still approves). Besides, if one of them gets lost or stolen, I'll know which one it is.

Okay, so remember our table before? This picture is trying to make it look nice to sell on Craigslist, but I never loved it. And it was getting a little small. I ended up giving it to one of my friends and then buying the new one for $100.
Here's another shot of the before.Here's the new table. Since there are only 5 chairs, I'm still trying to figure out how to configure everything. This is Option One. Put the 5 on the sides and have different chairs at the head and foot (not necessarily these--cloth isn't exactly kid friendly at our table).

Option Two. Put the five around the table and fill in the space with the high chair, which we use anyway--it's just not quite as stylish, ya know? Also, we got a new light fixture and, drum roll, Jared moved it so that it is actually over our table. Mucho mejor.
Option Three. Put three chairs on one side and build (or refinish) a bench on the other side that matches the white and stain. This was kind of my original idea, but looking at it now looks weird. Of course there's no bench there yet either.
And this is Option Four. Stagger the new chairs with the kitchen chairs and paint them white to match... or possibly another color. When I told Jared my new plan he just said that he already knew I was crazy. I think I like this option the best, or I hope I will once I repaint those chairs. But remember, I already learned all my lessons so they shouldn't take that long.Also shown in this picture is the back of one of the purple upholstered chairs missing. Why? Oh, a certain 2 year old colored all over it with BLACK crayon. It came out in the wash, but it also shrunk. I have another piece so it'll be good as new. Good grief, though. Marissa has been drawing on everything! It's driving me crazy. She colored with purple marker on the white/black pillows I made, she has drawn on the wall many, many times, and the tables, and doors, and floor, and the other day I found tic-tac-toe pen marks on every single one of my couch cushions. When I asked her why she did it she replied, "Because I'm a rascal." As if to say that she has no control over the matter, she's a rascal. I guess that's just what rascals do.

What's so frustrating is that Erin and Alex absolutely love to draw and color--I don't think they could go a day without doing it--so trying to remove all writing instruments from our home would be impossible. I keep thinking the phase will be over soon, but still I find Marissa's art all over the place. Oh well, I still love her.


Mindy said...

I love the chairs and I love the numbers! I like the numbered chairs on the long ends of the table with the two other chairs on the short ends. As for the child Picasso in your house, I have one too. Only she's 4 and a half. Just when I think she's finally got it all out of her system I find marker/crayon/pencil on yet another surface of the house. good luck to us both!

Lisa said...

I love the chairs!! Beautiful. I think option #3 is the best one. I am a table & chair junkie, I can never have too many of either.

And my kids must be rascals too.

HeatherWasHere said...

Epic! I like option one, but I also think you shouldn't give up on the bench idea. They look great!

LynetteAndJon said...

I love your chairs. We just redid our table in polyurethane. Are the fingerprints driving you crazy? I can't keep ours clean and it's driving me nuts. So if you have any secrets to keeping them clean let me know. Oh, and Vanessa colors all over our house too. When I catch her she says, I go get paper. Aparently she can only remember that when mom is standing over her.

Ariel said...

Wow, the chairs look great. You have almost inspired me to sand down and refinish our blondish-yellow dining set ... almost.

Callie said...

Oh I love it! I think the numbers are super cute and ingenious. I love the bench idea but I think the last option with the other chairs would be fun too.

Your creativity is amazing!

Liv colored on the wall the other day---isn't a barely 1 year old too young for coloring on walls?

Jacob and Cami said...

I love the numbers on the chair and I vote for the bench option. Only because that's what I want someday. I also like option #1, but I understand not wanting upholstery and kids with food in the same room.

Lucrezia said...
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Lucrezia said...

I <3 your blog! very nice! italian girl

Marinda said...

woo hoo! cheryl just called and told me the news. it will be so fun to see you more often! yay!

hapi said...

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