Sunday, April 3, 2011

Connor Baby

Here are the pictures of Connor. I love them!

Look at this baby. Everybody around here just loves him. I'm glad we got these pictures too because there is very little photographic evidence of his existence, being the fourth child and all. A while back I wrote about how frustrating it was that he wasn't sleeping. Well, if there's one thing I've learned as a mother it's that all things pass, or will eventually pass. He is now taking at least one good nap a day and sometimes two. He is also doing well sleeping in his crib all night. Hallelujah! It's amazing how much better life is when the baby sleeps.

Not only that but he is about 500 times happier now that he can move around. He started army crawling at about 7 months and got good at real crawling at about 8 months. He started pulling himself up on everything at around 9 months and is close to standing on his own. Now he can get into almost anything he wants at that level. He follows the kids around and leaves his destructive trail behind. But, we are all way happier now that he can move.

He is a good eater and loves to eat whatever we are eating at the table as well as any leftover food he happens to find on the floor. He still likes to nurse but I'm doing my best to ween him so he does take a lot of formula bottles as well. I feel so much more free now that he isn't so dependent on me. I am ready to be done nursing, although I don't think he is. Every phase passes, right?

This kid has grown as many teeth as Erin has lost. Six to be exact. That may have been some of the reason for his crankiness and not sleeping. He got them one after another, the poor kid. Now I have a feeling he is trying to tell me something because he is constantly biting me or my clothes.

He knows how to give you five and loves playing peek-a-boo. He has a hearty laugh that I love to hear. He is always aware of what the other kids are doing and laughs at them. He recently learned how to clap too (I know, he's a genius). Like I said before, everybody loves him and because of that he gets a lot of attention, gets carried around by 6 and 7 year olds and always has someone to play with. Life is easier in so many ways because I can leave all the kids inside for a while so I can work on a project, paint something or do some yard work. I don't have to worry about him as much. I remember trying to do this when Erin and Alex were really little and I thought they were both asleep. I went out to mow the lawn and had to stop because Erin had gotten up and was wandering around the house alone. Ah, now look at the freedom I have. I can mow the lawn and know things will be okay inside.Anyway, I do love sweet little Connor. What a blessing to have him in our family!
FYI, we took pictures of our kids next to their age, but since they didn't have a 00 building, we let Connor have 01. He'll be one in June.

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