Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's that time of the month again...

...and I don't mean THAT time of the month. Ha! What kind of blog do you think I running here? I mean it's bulk pickup again in my neighborhood. Ever since I lost all my shame about sifting through other people's garbage and hauling it home in front of strangers, I have had a slight obsession about bulk pickup. Slight, I said. Granted, most of it is certifiably junk by anyone's standards. Hey, I'd like to think I've got some standards. I am always surprised when people pick up the weirdest, most junky things. Case in point: our disgusting, dysfunctional dishwasher missing all inner racks. It was gone within 12 hours. Good riddance, I say.

Tonight coming home from cooking club I just couldn't resist taking just a short, slow, meandering drive around the block. That's it. I didn't even venture more than a half mile from our house and I found what I've been looking for. Okay, I've been looking for a few things. But this dresser will be perfect in the corner of our living room to be used for all my crafty stuff... I think... after I, you know, sand it, prime it, paint it, glaze it (?)... do something with it. But it's got some great lines and it was only out in a slight sprinkle before I saved it (single-handedly I might add) just prior to a downpour. Fabulous! Expect a post about it sometime after the table project, the garage project and the subway art project--but definitely before the kitchen project. I've got way too many things floating around in my head right now.

Isn't she a beauty?

Anyhoo... I had a fantastic birthday this year. I got birthday wishes in the form of store bought cards, homemade cards, phone calls, a text message and from 49 of my facebook friends. Ahh, nothing like a little social media to make you feel more popular than you actually are. It was great. Jared and I farmed our kids out to three different families so that we could go out on the town. And by that I mean spending over 20 minutes trying to find the right exit off of I-95 and I-595 so that we could go rock climbing at an obscure indoor climbing gym (obviously indoor--the highest elevation is the dump, no exaggeration). Yep, I'm still sore and yep, I'm out of shape and yep, I forgot the camera. But it was way fun and definitely worth it. It was a great activity for Valentine's Day because there was no wait like all the restaurants would have had. Jared got me flowers, a card, cake and a note saying that he would do all the dishes and laundry for a week. I am totally taking him up on that offer and I think he is realizing what a big, never ending job they both are. Also received were some chocolates, a cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, an Olive Garden gift card, some make up (courtesy of me) and a gift and balloon left on my doorstep from my new, Jamaican Nesberry picking friend. I told you she was my friend. Thanks everyone for a great day!
I don't want to jinx myself, but this week has been great for a variety of possible reasons. 1. Jared is back, 2. Jared is doing all the dishes and laundry, 3. I got to go to the temple on Saturday all by myself (a great break and spiritual boost), 4. my best friend is back in town and was able to watch my kids today, 5. I got to go to cooking club by myself today, 6. I had a great birthday and got to spend some good, quality time with my husband, 7. the weather has been gorgeous, 8. the kids have been pretty happy lately, 9. Connor is a lot happier now and 10. I rescued someone else's garbage and will make it part of my home soon.

Here are a few of the little projects I've done lately to keep my creative juices flowing. I know what you're thinking. I can't handle taking care of my kids and house but I can spend time on these projects? That's right. Either way I am a little overwhelmed and can't keep up, but at least if I am working on a project I feel like I am getting something accomplished and feel more fulfilled.

This one I thought of by myself and did it in a couple of hours (including painting and drying). The inspiration was that LOVE sculpture with the tilted O. I printed out letters on scrapbook paper and mod podged them onto painted and sanded pieces of 2x4 that I cut. I love how this turned out.This one is probably my favorite. I saw a tutorial on one of the blogs I stalk and decided to try it. The roses are made from scrapbook paper. It was so easy and completely free since I had the frame, paper, foam board and spray paint. I only got a few glue gun burns in the process. Love it!
This was my attempt at making Valentine's Day special for Jared. I pulled this photo out of our wedding album and made the mat out of scrpbook paper. Oh, and I love the Scrabble pieces (not my idea, but the easiest decoration ever).This last one was one I made for the laundry room as a kind of positive mental message to myself every time I do laundry. Again, I printed this out onto scrapbook paper and mod podged it onto a piece of scrap wood. I love it because it looks like vinyl but was way easier. Right now it's just sitting on the shelf there but I'm thinking about drilling some holes in the top and hanging it from some rope or something. And redoing the laundry room is also on my list of things to occupy my time. ...maybe someday.

Happy V-Day!


Lisa said...

I can't believe someone threw out that dresser, it will be great! I have ZERO qualms about curb-cruising. Love it! And those crafts are beautiful.

The costumes arrived yesterday, thank you so much!! I am hoping and praying Andrew really does make it home for the party- we'll have it mid-March while my parents are here. Thank you for helping me out.

HeatherWasHere said...

Definite score on the dresser! I wish we had a big garbage day like that, but with all the crafty momos around here I'm sure it would be a battlefield trying to get things.

I agree that having a project can be very therapeutic. Can't wait to see what you create!