Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa the Claus is coming... soon as someone goes to bed. Sweet Marissa had just the right amount of nap to keep her up. I keep telling her that Santa can't come until she goes to sleep and she's got all sorts of comebacks. She just informed me that she's been a nice girl because she hits and that if Santa the Claus gives her "cold" in her stocking she's just going to put "cold" in Santa's stocking. (I guess she overheard our babysitter telling about how she got coal in her stocking before). Earlier this week in her prayer she said, "Please bless that Santa can get here safely." And then I overhead her singing, "We wish you a Merry Hanukkah." (That's how you know we live in Florida.) She is such a funny kid. When asked when she is going to be potty trained she says, "In three minutes." (FYI--that was way more than three minutes ago.)

This week we made a gingerbread house (look at Jared's concentration). Also seen in the background is Simon's favorite new bed which will be opened tomorrow. Sorry kitty. It's the giantest present we've ever had. Shh... we'll find out tomorrow what it is.Our kids look a little scrappy in the picture. I'll say sorry in advance (you know, for when they're teenagers and wonder why I allowed them to look like that). It was either then or never. They were about to go to bed. I also must take some credit for the sloppy spots on the gingerbread house. I know I should be better what with all the models I've made in my architecture career, but in my haste I cut the opening of the frosting bag too big and schlepped it all over the thing. Good thing I'm not being graded on it. The kids loved it.Tonight we let them open one present. Marissa said she hoped it was a toy. Nope, I'm way too predictable and practical for that. Give them a toy on Christmas Eve? Ha! No, they were my homemade pajamas that I finished and wrapped at 4:30 pm today. Hey, I would have had them done sooner if I hadn't lost their waste measurements. I got them done. The pants were easy and the shirts were just the pack of T-shirts that I ironed on different designs I created. Also super easy, and they cost about $2.50 a piece. They loved them. I even think they were being sincere with their thank-yous, but you never know. We've been practicing opening fake presents and showing gratitude all week. I was pleased with the response. We just may not have to take any presents away after all. They look so cute! (Never mind the fake smiles.) Monsters for boys and Princesses for girls. Is it cheesy that I like to dress my kids alike?
This one shows the stockings in the back. Notice how one is red? That was all Erin's idea. These are the cheap stockings we got from the ward Christmas party the last two years and then Erin had a red one with her name on it, probably from pre-school some time. Since we only had 5 of the others, and because I never got around to making stockings (yes, another sewing project), I let it slide. It doesn't dawn on any of the kids that having one red stocking with Erin's sparkling name on it is weird, while everyone else's are blank. I finally put names on the other ones.All right, now everyone is all nestled in their beds, including Jared zonked out on the couch. Where's that fat guy anyway? It's go time.


Lisa said...

Those pajamas are so cute!! The kids look adorable in them. I too like to dress my boys matching. Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

your kids are so adorable and you are so talented. miss you!

HeatherWasHere said...

This made me smile. Hope the big day was a success with gratitude all around.