Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's in a Name?

#88 on the list was Decorate a Bedroom, so I decided to make their names and hang them up in their rooms. I took some scrapbook paper that I had, as well as some I had to buy, and glued them onto a big piece of foam board left over from architecture school. Then I cut them into 9x9 inch squares (note: I hate cutting foam board, so some of the edges aren't perfect). One of my friends has a Cricut so I had her cut out the letters and I Mod Podged them on. I haven't really worked much with Mod Podge, so I messed up a few squares, all on Connor's name. I ended up having to redo half of his name and then they still weren't exactly how I wanted them. But I also realize that it doesn't really matter and that they will probably all get ruined by the kids eventually anyway. For now though, I think they are cute.

The blue room needs to be repainted since they peeled the wallpaper border off. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do, so two-toned jagged edges it is for now.(Close-ups)
Marissa sleeps in the blue room too, but I thought it was overkill to have three names in one room, and she will probably sleep in this room eventually, and I thought it matched better. As I was doing her name I wondered why I gave her such a long name. Too late now.Right now the yellow room is the playroom, but Connor will be in here when he starts sleeping in the crib.You see how Marissa is climbing on top of the dresser part of the crib? She loves to jump from there into the crib and was doing it over and over again. I often hear her say, "Mommy, do you want to see me jwump?" off of anything (yes, she says it jwump). Even if I say no she still jumps. After a bunch of jwumps into the crib, she decided to jump onto the floor from there and she landed on Connor's head! Luckily she didn't hit him with her feet, but her body tumbled on top of him. Crazy kid! She is definitely the most daring of any of the kids at that age (so far anyway).


kkerr said...

The names look great! Did Erin get a haircut?

Alan Daniels Family said...

The names are so cute! Jumping and landing on heads. I'm actually worried about that one. I was worried about that before you even said it happens at your house. But if Connor can survive, nameless baby Daniels can probably survive too!