Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Little Things

Life is special, and children are one way God allows us to see a glimpse of His love for us, as well as what he desires for each of us.

Here are just a few of the recent "glimpses" I've had of life's special moments given to me through my children:
  • My 20 month old laughing as she welcomes me home from work ("daddy hooome!").
  • The crafty look of my 5 year old telling me a joke or kidding around with me.
  • The complete focus of my 3 year old putting together a puzzle.
  • The laughter of my children as they play a newly discovered game. (This does have a tendency to end in tears as one or more of them begin to disagree with the "rules")
  • The sweetness when one of my children gives my wife a hug after a long and difficult day.
  • The excitement of my 5 year old when sees one of her friends as she is walking to school and just can't wait to start talking to her (By the way...after dropping her off at her school I can't help but watch her until she disappears around the corner out of sight - she really is growing up quickly).
  • The excitement on the faces of my children when they find out they are going somewhere, especially to play at a friends house (maybe we should get out more often???).
  • The happiness my kids find in playing in the rain, and then coming in to take a bath.
  • The scrunchy-eye look on my kid's face as they try to go to sleep...and then fail.
  • Seeing my 20 month old come running out of her room in the morning happy to be awake, and knowing full well that she cannot climb out of her crib...the 5 year old actually takes her out!
  • Hearing a little voice say, "Hi Daddy" and then give you a great big hug.
  • Helping your kids work through their disagreements and being surprised at the creative ways they come up with to work together.
  • Opening my eyes in the morning just to find my daughter standing right next to my bed (sometimes a little too close) asking for breakfast.
  • Watching my children as they learn and struggle with new challenges - even if they do get upset and frustrated on occasion.
And finally:
  • Hearing my children say "I Love You" as I tuck them into bed at night.
Certainly the little things in life really do matter - without them life just wouldn't be the same.

What are the little things that really make a difference in your life?

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Smiley Sarah's Blog said...

Little things certainly do have a big affect sometimes. :) The picture is super cute.
Love you and miss you guys!