Saturday, November 7, 2009


Just thought I'd post one about sweet Marissa. This was the first day that was cool enough to go outside and play, and when I say cool I do mean 75 degrees. She was having so much fun swinging, hanging, sliding and falling on her head (glad I caught that one).

She really is a delightful child. She seems like the most social one so far. She has no problem running into the gym child care and is usually happy being left places. She loves playing with the other kids and is always involved in what's going on. She loves reading books and actually helps load and unload the dishwasher. She will put all the kid dishes away if I ask her to. One thing we haven't been able convince her not to do is play in the toilet, but I'm banking on this not becoming a lifelong habit.

She has been very expressive as well and you usually know what she wants. She says a lot of things very clearly like "gum", "candy", "eat", "juice", "milk", "book", "play", "bath", etc. She will come up to you and so sweetly and earnestly say what she wants; it's very cute. Whenever you ask her something her first answer is always no, but a lot of times no means yes and if you say yes she will nod and say "yes". Of course no also means no so it can be confusing, just never take the first no as her final answer.

The other really funny thing is that she loves her belly button. Not only does she suck her thumb for comfort but she has added touching her belly button with her other hand. It's kind of funny.

She is also our first child who won't fall asleep in the car no matter how tired she is. If my other kids are really tired you can always count on a car ride around the block to knock them out, but not Marissa. She doesn't cry, she just sucks her thumb and enjoys the ride. She'll be our long distance driver some day. She is still a great sleeper when you put her in her crib.

The pictures don't show it, but she is almost always wearing a bib, due to the continued drooling. I think she thinks bibs are just part of her outfit. If she find one on the floor she will put it on even if she already has one on.

Everyone comments about how small she is, and I guess she is. She is petite, sweet, happy, joyful and just a delight. I don't think I could have made it through school if she weren't such an easy child.
(Don't be fooled by the pacifier, it's just a toy. The thumb is where it's at for her.)


Max Evans said...

Hi, cute Marissa. It's fun to watch you play on your swingset. Hello from Grandma and Grandpa Evans

kkerr said...

Cute funny girl! Loved your last three posts about the kids. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of energy and time.

Alan Daniels Family said...

I'm glad that Benjamin is not the only "petite" baby. Sounds kind of sad to be saying it about a boy though! We have finally been able to send the kids outside lately also (since it has finally cooled off). What a blessing the winter is! HUH?