Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More supervision

Remember Erin? Remember her cute curly hair? Remember how long it took her to grow hair in the first place? Well, obviously Erin has different hair goals than I do for her. Yesterday after I took the rubber bands out of her hair from the previous day, I started brushing it and huge clumps of hair came out. At first I was so baffled and concerned until the truth came out that she had been having fun with the scissors... again. We were just recovering from the last time she cut her hair, but that was a few inches off the sides. This was much worse! Somehow she cut a triangle from the middle right above her forehead. And she cut it all off. We're talking stubble, shorter than my leg hair is on most days. She keeps saying how good it feels, which kind of concerns me about this happening in the future.

Sure, in the long run I know it doesn't really matter. In two, maybe three years we may never even notice (assuming she doesn't make a habit of it). But every time I see her I keep thinking about those ladies with female balding. There's just something weird about seeing someone's scalp like that. I know, I know, almost every little girl does something like this, right? I remember my little sister having stubble for bangs for a while there as a child, and I've certainly had my share of really bad, short, cut myself bangs (I wonder why I did that so many times and never learned from my mistakes). But Erin didn't have bangs. Now she just has a really wide part that I have no idea how it's going to look when it starts growing out. For now I just have to experiment with different variations of acceptable comb-overs.

Things like this make me wonder if my kids are getting enough supervision, although I do have to give myself credit for catching Marissa with a dead lizard head in her hand that was heading for her mouth (at least I think... hey, I didn't have to scoop it out of her mouth anyway. And yes, I did find Erin sucking on a lizard when she was about this age too). And what's more, remember my goal of not letting my baby fall off the bed? We were doing so well until this morning. I really can't see how it was my fault though because I was asleep when Jared asked me if Marissa was all right with me on the bed and I said yes... but I was asleep! At least until she hit the floor and started screaming. Better luck next baby.

P.S. I just turned around and found Marissa in a pile of garbage that she had just dumped out. You know the bathroom garbage with Q-tips, hairballs, band aids and tissues? Yeah, and I pulled something out of her mouth... sick! I guess I proved my own point.


Lisa said...

Oh man, there is just NO way to prevent every mishap/fall/etc. You are doing so great Laura!

And I think I need to see a picture of Erin's new 'do. You'll be glad you took the picture someday . . . when Erin's daughter does something similar you can whip it out and smile!

Heather said...

I'm glad this post didn't head in the direction of bad haircuts your FRIENDS give you.

Mindy said...

Photos! Photos! Photos! (chanted)
But not of the baby eating lizard heads, that's just gross! :)

Brian & Callie said...

You have to post a picture of Erin sporting the new cut! Don't worry about the kids into eating lizards, rolling off beds, random hair cuts etc. It makes them have good personality and plus who doesn't love a story that can begin with "One time when I was younger I ate Kleenex"

Anonymous said...

I'm sharing this story to make you feel better. My sister asked me to babysit a few years ago when she had just the 4 boys and the oldest was 6. The three oldest told me they were going to take naps in their Mom's room. When I went to check on them one of them was snuggling with a pizza cutter! I don't even know how he got it past me or why he thought it was snuggly.

Oh, and I lived in Florida for 5 years as a kid. I collected dead lizards on our back porch in 3rd grade so that the ants wouldn't eat them. My mother didn't notice them for months. I had at least 20 lizard skeletons before she reprimanded me.

You are more than doing okay. Kids will be kids.

emily said...

lol! She wanted to look like grandpa.