Friday, December 12, 2008

Kid Quotes

This was a conversation I had with Erin a while back.

E: Mommy, those crackers are mine because I bought them.
L: Do you have any money?
E: Yes, because I'm 16, just for pretend.
L: So you have a job?
E: Yes.
L: How much do you make?
E: 10 cents.
L: That's not very much.
E: Well, I go to the store and buy more money. I have to go to the store every day.
L: What do you do for your job?
E: I study.
L: For what?
E: For covering the rocking chair. (It's no wonder she only gets 10 cents!)
L: Do you do anything else?
E: Nope. Actually, I do. I eat and then I study.

This is how I know Erin's school is teaching her something. The other day after coming out of the hospital to visit a friend's baby she sees the American flag, stops in the middle of the sidewalk, puts her hand on her heart and recites the pledge of allegiance. How patriotic. Then a few days later she saw another one and said "hey, that's the pledge of allegiance flag!" I even overheard her teaching it to Alex by making him repeat it word by word, and then making him start again when she lost her place (the funny thing is he does it).

I laughed when Erin was standing in front of the Christmas tree and while holding a jack-o-lantern asked me if I would play Easter with her. Now that's a kid who loves her Holidays!

Tonight was our Christmas party and when Santa made his appearance, two out of the 30 or so primary kids started screaming... those would be ours. I would say our kids have a big case of Santaphobia. Erin has never sat on his lap. I asked her why and she said "because I don't want my butt touching his lap." Tonight Jared told her that if she saw Santa he would give her candy and she said "I'm done with candy." (Something we never thought we'd hear from her, but I guess her fear of that weird, jolly, fat man outweighs her love of candy).

And just to add one of Alex. He sneezes "Achoo!... I'm ok"


Heather said...

those are way too funny! i love kids. i'm glad the sneeze didn't harm him. As for making 10 cents... that sounds about right for her job duties. our kids were totally scared of Santa a few years ago. It's hilarious if you look at it from their perspective and then you can see why they'd be scared. Enjoy the holidays with your funny kiddos!

Tyson and Stephanie said...

Those are funny quotes. I love reading your blog. Very entertaining. I especially love the gas can story. I can only imagine, and I picture that happening to myself. Oh, I just keep laughing about it. Good thing it wasn't summertime. Reading about the Christmas tree and Santa was funny too. My kids are so afraid of Santa. Too bad we weren't at the ward party still, then your kids wouldn't be the only ones screaming about sitting on his lap. Anyways, cute stories. We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Love it! So funny!

kkerr said...

That thing that Erin said about Santa's lap had Trevor and I laughing and in tears. So funny, but poor kids afraid of Santa.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Wow can Erin teach Dorothy to be done with candy? It is so funny to here how the kids interact because sometimes I wonder if Dorothy is the only big sister bossing her little brother around... and he takes it!

Adam and Ariel said...

I'm crying because I'm laughing so hard about the last bit about Santa. I can't wait to see if Charlotte doesn't want her butt touching Santa's lap either.

Laura said...

Your kids are so funny. I wish you guys lived closer. Emma is always teaching Carter things too and it always amazes me that he is so cooperative - that is until he says "go away, Emma." I cannot believe how clever Erin is. so cute.

Bridian said...

Oh man these made me cry laughing! I used to hear stuff like this at my house, but now that they're starting to grow up they get a little less entertaining. This is great!