Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last weekend we flew up to Maryland to visit my sister and her family. It was great to see them, especially for the kids. I have concluded that flying with little children gives a new perspective on life, especially if you are flying stand-by. And it makes for great stories.

First, we would like to apologize to the poor passengers that picked the security line behind us. Five bags, 10 pairs of shoes, preparing my explanation about how the liquid I am carrying is breast milk and not an explosive, making Erin sit down on the floor so she can hold the baby while I pick up Alex who is asleep so Jared can fold our humongous double stroller and load it on the belt, and then reversing all of that 3 seconds later on the other side of security... well, we're sorry. For future reference, just avoid lines with kids (or, crazy thought, offer to help instead of just glaring at us!)

Next, we would like to thank the two awesome people who traded their good aisle seats so that our family could sit together on our last leg. We barely made the flight and when we got our seat assignments, we had 4 middle seats scattered throughout the plane. Someone let Jared and Alex sit together, but Marissa and I were separated from Erin for takeoff (I still can't believe no one would switch--Next time I plan on mentioning the tendency my kids have to vomit, but whatever they want to do). What a helpless feeling for me to have a sleeping baby on me, Jared to have Alex asleep on him and to not even be able to see your 4 year old. When I finally found her she was crying. After that is when this man offered to trade seats so we could all be together. What an awesome guy! It made the trip so much better.

Last, I found out that a four year old, a mom, a baby and a giant diaper bag do not all fit into an airplane bathroom at the same time. In trying to squeeze in, the bag hit Erin's head only making things worse, as you might imagine. I also learned that as long as the bag is outside the lavatory door, I can go to the bathroom while holding a baby and come out fully clothed. The kids were pretty good all in all, a huge step up from the last trip we took which included diarrhea, projectile vomit, pants wetting, and of course running out of wipes!

On the plane. This gives a whole new meaning to "infant in arms"

It was really great to see the fall colors in Maryland. I can't remember the last time I saw them. It was so beautiful! Here's us trying to take a family picture.

I love this picture of Alex. He had so much fun playing outside.

Another one with the cousins. Isn't it pretty?

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